Friday, August 9, 2013

staking, tree removal, excavation & footings

 We have finally started construction.  Above is a photo of Neil and I figuring out what the first floor height would be and staking out the house.  The site is relatively flat, but there is a slight slope across the site that we had to take into account.  2' from front to back and 2' from side to side.  Below was the start of excavation and removal of 3 trees.  2 holly trees and a camellia tree.  We kept an Aralia elata out front which has a beautiful red color in the fall that goes well with the Karina house color.

And this week footings were formed and poured. Stem walls will be formed in a couple days and hopefully poured on Tuesday.  The entire first floor will be slab on grade.  Look for a post soon on the design and floor plans.