Sunday, April 27, 2014

front door options

We need to choose our exteriors doors so that Neil can install the final casing and then put a temporary door up to secure the house.  Many of the contemporary door styles, just don't fit with what we want...and the ones we really like are over $3000 for one door, like 3 or 5 below.  We like the use of metal on those two and our thinking is to do something ourselves, like #6.  Start with a $600 fir door (which is really a fir veneer with a solid core of other wood) and then route out and apply a metal panel to the exterior.  Even thinking of laser cutting our address number into the top panel.

I used photoshop elements for the study above.  I took a still image from the model that i had created for the drawings in Archicad and grabbed images off webpages of the front doors and replaced the doors with the different styles.  The lighting isn't perfect, but it very quickly shows the options.