Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ceiling fans & ventilation

Neil's Pad - 14
Last night I finally ordered the ceiling fans. I kept hoping to come across some modern good-looking, more inexpensive ones, but should have just ordered these from the get-go. We currently have this model in our home. Not only is it simple and clean looking, it's quiet. They are also Energy Star rated. I ordered 3. 2 with a stem as shown above and one "hugger" like below all from - a good source for modern lighting.

The ones with stems are going in the upstairs bedrooms and the "hugger" is going in the stairwell. That one in particular will help circulate the air throughout the house. In the winter we reverse the rotation which helps keep the warm air down off the ceiling. In the summer in Seattle we are lucky enough to typically not need air conditioning. We have 4 operable skylights throughout the house to help naturally ventilate and cool in the summer time. We also put in operable transom windows above the first floor doors, so that they could be left open at night and not pose a security risk or a cat escape.