Thursday, December 10, 2009

genesee home - bathroom

Even with it's compact size, I love our bathroom. A bathroom counter doesn't have to be that deep. Ours curves out to accommodate the sink, but narrows to 12" as it hits the cabinet. Inside the cabinet we have a plug to keep the toothbrushes and electric razer out of sight. I had pulled the door up 4" off the counter so that it would clear items on the counter.

The skylight is a perfect solution to bring in light, while maintaining privacy. In the summer it also allows for natural ventilation for the apartment. Much of our material and fixture inspiration for the new house comes from what we have done in our current home. We stacked the subway tiles here and used a grey grout. The splurge here was the Grohe shower combo. The tub is Americast.

Our newest addition is the photo of F1 2009 Champion Jenson Button. Since it's taken in the rain, we thought it was appropriate in the bath.

Neil's Pad - 24
Black Honed granite and stainless steel undermount sink and faucet - I'm partial to the one lever handle on the faucet...especially in a main bathroom.

Lewis on the Toto wondering what I'm up to.