Monday, January 11, 2010

The Karina - hardware

Schlage Manhattan Lever Handle
There are 7 interior doors that needed door hardware like this. (We have 4 pocket doors as well) I wanted something simple with clean lines that felt good in the hand. This Schlage model accomplishes all of that for around $35. I specifically wanted levers, because they are easier to open...a "universal design" option.

We have the Schlage "Elan" model in our current home. And while it is modern looking, it's too edgy in the hand. I prefer the curve of the Manhattan.

Door hardware was one of the easier items to choose...much of it came down to what we wanted to spend. The items further below were all in the 80-$100 range. Valli&Valli has some beautiful felt great in the hand and was simple and clean, but $100 each just was not an option. Especially when I rather liked the Schlage model we ended up with.

I also liked the INOX 210 Air-stream, which is the 2nd one down on the left.