Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Karina - update

To think, in one week this is going to be all cleaned up! So much is finishing up this week. Yesterday the glass shower enclosures where installed and the little upstairs bathroom counter. Also the concrete guy came to start on our path from the sidewalk to the porch and the front and back step. This morning I'm heading over to meet with a landscaper that hopefully can help us with our muddy mess of a yard.

I stopped by on my way to work yesterday morning, and the cabinet doors were partially installed, so we looked at the 2 door handles I had picked up at Lowes. I had spent some time in Builder's Hardware, but just couldn't find the right knob. The Lowes one isn't right either, but it was close. I ended up ordering one online based on this one. We need 19 knobs and 12 bar pulls. The knobs will go on the doors and the pulls on drawers...except in the bathrooms which will be all knobs.