Monday, February 1, 2010


Ahh...some books are in. It's amazing how they transform a room. They look so good on Neil's clean, white, straight shelves. They make the best decoration! It was fun to unpack them and put them was hard not to start flipping through the ones I had forgotten about or start reading ones I haven't read yet. Many brought back memories either of the book or the time I read it. Nancy Pearl was on NPR before Christmas and mentioned a book that I had to go straight out and buy (locally at Peter Miller Books). Unpacking My Library: Architects and Their Books. If ever a book was designed with me in mind that was it. It inspired me to take these photos of my shelves before I moved.

books 09'1210 - 15
I'm not someone who organizes my books, besides by size. I like the genres mixed up. More chance for spontaneous finds when I'm looking for something.