Sunday, February 7, 2010

cabinets as stairs

A friend of mine recently bought her first home, a loft space in a converted school building. The only access up to the loft, though, was a ladder. Her poor kitty could not climb it and it was just not convenient for everyday use. She asked my opinion on a stair kit, something similar to a spiral stair. Honestly, I didn't like it and sent her a picture of a bookcase stair I had seen and said if she was interested, I could draw up something of more use and much better looking then the stair kit. This is what we came up with. Our friend Jeff Fernald constructed them and Michelle picked out the door handles and designer switch plate. Needless to say, Lou the cat is much happier with this design, as is Michelle. It's fun to do small projects like this. Much of design is just solving a problem in a creative, useful and pleasing way.