Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Karina - exterior color

Karina 09'1013 - 03
To be finished painting before the rains began this week, I was out there with the guys on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the final push. It's so nice to see it without the scaffolding up. I must say, I am very happy with the way the colors turned out. When we first started, Neil and I went through the color wheel choosing about a dozen that we liked. We then went to Seattle Paint, which is a Benjamin Moore dealer, and picked up 8x10 sheets of those colors. Holding them up next to the building in the shadows as well as the bright light, helped narrow it down and we chose one. But, when they started to paint, it was just a bit too army green (BenMoore HC-106 crownsville gray) and I wanted something more bark like.
Karina 09'1013 - 11
We were so close...because we ended up with

body = Ben Moore HC-103 cromwell gray.
trim color = Ben Moore 1528 early morning mist
under the gable = Ben Moore HC-102 clarksville gray
red stripe = Ben Moore 1309 moroccan red

The red was also inspired by nature. Driving home from the site, I spotted a bright red bush, pulled over and picked a leaf and started from there. Choosing colors can be overwhelming, but there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Before choosing, Neil and I had been spotting and pointing out house colors we liked for weeks. Also just looking at how nature brings colors together is a great guide. Especially now as we are into fall.
Karina 09'1013 - 09