Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Karina - tile progress

The tile is about half way done. It is exciting to see it come together. I'm really happy with our choices so far. In the 2 smaller bathrooms we went with a darker floor tile than original picked out. The lead time on the other was 3-4 weeks...we should have ordered it the day we first choose it...but we didn't, so we went with one that was readily available. We all (including the tile guy, Peter) love the 4x16 tile we are using in both showers. Downstairs we are stack setting it and upstairs we are brick laying it.
Karina 09'1021 - 02Karina 09'1021 - 09
The grout has not been applied yet, but we are going with a light grey grout, so it will be a very similar look to this. The accent tiles here are Carrara marble. (same marble used to carve Michelangelo's "David")
Karina 09'1021 - 04
We had one more tile to decide on, so at lunch yesterday I took the truck to Seattle Tile to pick up our floor tile and choose the white tile for our main bathroom. These are 18x18 and I hopefully they are starting on them today, because I can't wait to see how they look. In the main and lower bathroom we went with a diagonal layout and the upstairs little bathroom, we kept it square.
Karina 09'1021 - 16