Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Karina - grout

Our bathrooms are nearly complete and we are deciding on grout - type & color. The downstairs bathroom which is the white 4x16 stacked tile will be getting "Smoke Grey" by Laticrete. Here we are using regular cement grout. In the upstairs small bathroom where we also used the white 4x16 we are looking using white "Sauterne" epoxy grout. The same in the upper portion of the main bathroom. We decided to use the epoxy grout in these areas as well as the entire main bathroom shower because it is stain & mildew resistant.

For the darker tile floor and walls in the main we are deciding between a darker "Moss" and a lighter "Natural Grey". I'm leaning towards the darker. I like how it picks up on some of the dark streaks in the tile and I think it won't stand out as much.