Monday, November 23, 2009

The Karina - ready for paint

It was another working weekend for Neil. The painters start today and the bookcases in the living room needed to be finished before the cleanup could happen. I actually helped out Sat. & Sun. on that part...hopefully that will be the last time I vacuum walls for awhile. (had to remove the sawdust that was everywhere) Most of these pics were just after the floors were finished. Now there is protective cardboard over them.

On the stairs looking into the kitchen and dining room beyond:

Back bedroom / home office:
From the dining room looking into the living room:
In the living room looking south...that is just a temporary front door:
From the same spot looking towards the dining room:
The living room bookcases...there will be a panel on the mantel, but we need access to the vent for when the stove is installed:
Neil is such a craftsman...all along I wanted to have a secret door/ bookcase, but I had no idea how it would be built. I just did a bunch of arm waving and said what I wanted and he was able to build it.
There's not a lot of room back there, but we needed to create access...and this is a cool way to do it. We also put a second crawl space hatch in here. Because the existing house had a half underground basement, we have an extra deep crawl space...about 3'-6" from the bottom of the joists. We spent about $1000 extra and poured a slab down it's a nice clean crawl, instead of a dirty, scary spider haven they typically are.