Tuesday, November 10, 2009

kitchen inspiration

Neil and I go to many AIA and other architecturally interesting open houses. Most of the time I can take pictures. I'm not always good at getting the overall picture, due to lots of other people at these open houses and the lighting is not always best, so I tend to take more detail, close in shots. Things like counter edges and how 2 different materials are coming together. Good shots for the files, to see what looks good together. Here are some kitchen shots from the past year.
AIA'hse'09'0719 - 04COOP15'hse'09'0914 - 10COOP15'hse'09'0914 - 09EggFarkArch'hse'09'0914 - 041concrete counters with metal edgeEggFarkArch'hse'09'0914 - 015Cobbarch'hse'09'0914 - 46Cobbarch'hse'09'0914 - 76
MillerHull'hse'09'0914 - 09polished granite tiles with metal edge - nice thin dark grout
MillerHull'hse'09'0914 - 08