Thursday, September 19, 2013

interior grade beams

I was out helping for the footing pour this week.  It was an intense few hours.  Concrete is not very forgiving and we had to wet set some 100 rebars that will later be bent and formed into the slab.  

 Originally we were going to do these interior footings or grade beams as part of the slab in one monolithic pour.  But as Neil was digging out for the footings the compacted gravel was sloughing too much.  We are running rigid insulation under the slab, but not under the footings and we were concerned about voids under the rigid.

Since we decided on separating into 2 pours, Neil decided to form up and pour these himself instead of bringing in our concrete sub who has done the exterior walls and will do the slab. Neil used 2x4 & 2x6 material in the forms so that he could reuse the lumber in the framing stage.

The blue plastic is our 10 mil vapor barrier.  It's job is stop water vapor and other soil gases from seeping into our slab.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

first floor plumbing

This looks like the beginnings of some kind of art installation.  Because we are doing a slab on our entire first floor, we needed to layout all of our sewer drain lines first.  The tall pipes are set up to "test" the system and will be removed in a day or so.

This crazy business is under the floor of the bathroom in the ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit, aka Mother-in-law unit). The diagonal line is the kitchen drain coming in.  The lowest is the tie in from the second story bathroom which then heads out the foundation wall.  There is a backwater prevention valve in the upper run above the loop.  The manhole out in the street is higher then our first floor toilet, so a special valve had to be installed to prevent an ugly situation if the street sewer ever overflowed.

Above is our second story drainage to the left and our laundry room drainage to the right.