Monday, June 29, 2015

Chapucas exterior and rain garden

Took a couple pictures this weekend and then went back to this photo & rendering I had done before the construction.  Glad we went with the black trim.  The model and all the drawings were done in Archicad.

The rain garden has sure taken off.  I've had to do a lot more watering than usual due to our dry weather.  Each weekend I do a little more planting.  It's been hard to just stick with a few types of plants...I'm more of a color and texture experimenter when it comes to choosing landscaping. And it's looking a bit chaotic, but I'm having fun.  The Ben Moore gray siding is a nice backdrop for the different grasses and plantings.

Our solar panels are installed and just waiting on final equipment from Seattle City Light.  Here are 6 with another 10 on the upper roof.

We have been quite comfortable living in the 530 sqft apartment. Neil is working on the bookcases upstairs now and once they are done and painted we will be able to move up to the main part.

If you look closely you can see the cats lounging on the walkway.  Being strictly indoor cats, they have been loving exploring the garden and just being outside. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

settling in

We have been living in the apartment portion of the house for about a month now and it's hard to put into words how it feels.  All the decisions and details have come together and the apartment lives very comfortably.  The diagonal views out the windows look out to our garden as well as the neighboring garden.  The light is Vita Lighting Cuna Pendant Light.   After a couple intense days of adjustment,  Chessie finally settled in and found her go to spot...of course in the sun.

Eventually, we will have a way of covering the TV whether it's a blind or a pair of doors.

We were a little short on our layout for the backsplash, so we added glass tiles between the 4x12 white tiles.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  A simple way to dress up $2 / SF tile.  The countertops are Wilsonart laminate over Apple Ply.  Custom maple cabinets with a light white tint added to the finish.  Stove is Blomberg and the fridge is LG, both 24" wide and deep. 

 The lights are Astron from Rejuvenation.

The apartment is 530 SF with one bedroom.  The extra deep drawers below take advantage of the space under the stairs leading up to the rest of the house.  The sliding door hardware came from Home Depot.

Monday, January 5, 2015

apartment bathroom tile

Just waiting on grout!  Thinking of white epoxy grout on the white tiles and switching to a gray grout to blend more with the glass tile.  We used a 4x12 white tile and 2x12 glass tile.  The glass tile was slightly smaller than the 4x12 so we brick set versus stack set like the white.  For the window liner, ledges, curb, and bench seat, we used a white quartz to reduce grout lines.

The red is the waterproofing.  Below we were evaluating how much overhang for the seat.  Decided on a flush no overhang.  The bench base is angled slightly back.

On the floor we are installing gray pebbles.  We both have put them in clients' homes for years and I've always wanted them.  We will also install them in our main upstairs bathroom shower.

water heat and floor heat

This is our very fancy, highly efficient, heat pump water heater.  We are an all electric house and this  Airgenerate Airtap Hybrid meets the strict energy requirements required by the organization that will be monitoring our house.  It captures heat from the air to heat the water inside with a backup heating element for high use times.

Neil actually installed our boiler for the radiant floors.  The main heat in the accessory dwelling unit (ADU aka apartment) is from the in-slab radiant heat.

The manifold for the ADU is in the closet.  You can see the tubes sticking up in the above photo.  Actually if you look closely at the above photo you can see the in and the out tube going to the ADU manifold.  We have 2 zones for the lower level of the house.  The ADU and our main entry, office areas, and laundry.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

apartment kitchen - almost done!

Even though it may not look like it in this photo, we are getting close to having the accessory dwelling unit (ADU aka apartment) part of the house done!  It's very exciting.  We have been making a flurry of final material decisions and the above photo (and photoshop) was used to help choose the pendant light fixtures we just ordered.

The custom maple cabinets have been installed and after getting a quote for about $3000 for quartz countertops, we decided to go with what is in our current home...laminate over apple ply.  It's worked well for us, looks fresh and is pretty durable and cost about $500.

We like seeing the built-up layers of the plywood.

Next up was to choose cabinet pulls.  Here again we decided to keep it simple and go with bar pulls on all the drawers and doors. 

For the backsplash we are using the same 4x12 white tile we are installing in the bathroom.  The layout was a couple inches short so we added the thin glass tile pieces between. These glass tiles were left over from another job.