Sunday, January 4, 2015

apartment kitchen - almost done!

Even though it may not look like it in this photo, we are getting close to having the accessory dwelling unit (ADU aka apartment) part of the house done!  It's very exciting.  We have been making a flurry of final material decisions and the above photo (and photoshop) was used to help choose the pendant light fixtures we just ordered.

The custom maple cabinets have been installed and after getting a quote for about $3000 for quartz countertops, we decided to go with what is in our current home...laminate over apple ply.  It's worked well for us, looks fresh and is pretty durable and cost about $500.

We like seeing the built-up layers of the plywood.

Next up was to choose cabinet pulls.  Here again we decided to keep it simple and go with bar pulls on all the drawers and doors. 

For the backsplash we are using the same 4x12 white tile we are installing in the bathroom.  The layout was a couple inches short so we added the thin glass tile pieces between. These glass tiles were left over from another job.