Saturday, November 30, 2013

attic truss

 The house is really starting to take shape. 

 The opening in the floor here is where the stairs will go.

Above looks towards the back bedroom.  The first truss is a girder truss which will carry some of the main room roof load.  Beyond that first girder are attic trusses.  There's not much headroom up there, but enough to put our mechanical equipment for our ducted mini-split and a little extra storage. I had the truss manufacturer add depth in the truss above the attic space so that we can easily put insulation in the roof.  The attic will actually be conditioned space which means that our attic will also have drywall on the ceiling and walls.

Our skylight in the shower will be going above where Neil is standing. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

territorial views

Being in the middle of a city block that is located in a valley, our views are what real estate agents call "territorial".  This first picture will somewhat be the view from the dining room and out on the deck.  I love seeing the gables and different house forms going up the hill....I'm not crazy about that electrical pole though.

Below will be our main view from our 2nd story space.  I'm standing in the approximate area of our kitchen island.  This also shows why I angled the building slightly.  We still over look our neighbors yard, but the slight skew directs the view more diagonal to the southeast.

The floor trusses under the dining room needed to be hung from a beam to give us the maximum flexibility for our home offices below.

The garage: aka Neil's space.

This is looking out the apartment's kitchen sink windows.