Monday, January 5, 2015

apartment bathroom tile

Just waiting on grout!  Thinking of white epoxy grout on the white tiles and switching to a gray grout to blend more with the glass tile.  We used a 4x12 white tile and 2x12 glass tile.  The glass tile was slightly smaller than the 4x12 so we brick set versus stack set like the white.  For the window liner, ledges, curb, and bench seat, we used a white quartz to reduce grout lines.

The red is the waterproofing.  Below we were evaluating how much overhang for the seat.  Decided on a flush no overhang.  The bench base is angled slightly back.

On the floor we are installing gray pebbles.  We both have put them in clients' homes for years and I've always wanted them.  We will also install them in our main upstairs bathroom shower.