Sunday, February 14, 2010

seattle flower show

Wow...not sure where that week went. Sorry that I've been quiet. We are still working on the yard and choosing plants. Seattle's flower and garden show was a little over a week ago and I was able to sit down with a landscape architect for a 15 minute consultation. It was very helpful and pointed me in a good direction. There was much there to be inspired by. So many wonderful textures and pairings.

Above is Nandina domestica "Moyers Red", which we are considering for the south side. Love the color and lightness of this shrub. It's also drought tolerant and suitable for our clay soil. Even though we have amended it, there's still clay 12" down.

Above is a Barberry - Berberis x gladwynensis "William Penn".

This is another source that I've been using - GREAT PLANT PICKS.