Thursday, June 17, 2010

madison valley - cafe flora

One of the main reasons we bought the property that we did, was of course it's location. Madison Valley is just minutes to downtown, it's surrounded by Capital Hill, Montlake, Madison Park and Madrona and it's home to some of my favorite shops and restaurants. In particular, Cafe Flora. Cafe Flora is the premiere vegetarian restaurant in Seattle and it was the location of our first date. Neil has been a vegetarian for 16 years. Even though he does eat wild salmon and the occasional fish & chips, he has slowly cut out dairy and he doesn't do eggs. Looking back on that first date, I was quite lost when looking over the the time I thought I was still allergic to nuts and there was a bunch of other vegetables that I "thought" I didn't like. I have since learned to embrace all kinds of veggies and new foods. Eggplant, beans, zucchini, squash, kale, asparagus, broccoli...actually the list is endless....for growing up in the "Garden State" I wasn't much of a veggie eater except the basics like potatoes, corn and peas. A few years ago I picked up their cookbook. It has helped expand my's so easy to keep doing the same recipes over and over.

"Since opening its doors, Cafe Flora has been at the forefront of utilizing local, organic and sustainable produce and herbs and building strong and direct relationships with Washington farms. It's culinary team draws inspiration from international culinary traditions along with the availability of an abundance of locally grown produce to create imaginative and dynamic vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cuisine." - text & photos from Cafe Flora

Cafe Flora has been a wonderful place to experiment and try new combinations. We have been back many times over the years with family and friends and recently discovered their happy hour weekdays 3-6. Nothing beats being able to stroll down the street for a meal or drink.