Monday, November 2, 2009

backyard cottages

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed the backyard cottage ordinance today for ALL of Seattle. This is great news. As I mentioned last Thursday it's been a long time coming. It gives owners much more flexibility and potential on their property. Our current house is actually 2 units, but they are attached. Neil built the garage/apartment in 2007 and before I moved in, Neil was able to rent out the older house for extra income. It's definitely now a possibility at the new house. The lot is big enough and we have alley access. I just didn't think the ordinance would happen this year.

Minimum 4000 sqft lot
800 sqft max including garage and storage
22' max. height unless lot is wider than 40' with alley access
owner must occupy one of the units

So if you want a small cottage in your backyard, check out my firm's plan options on our GoodFit site. Then call Neil to build it! Below is the Lisette plan which is 635 sqft.