Tuesday, November 17, 2009

help! - exterior lights

Some decisions have come easier than others. Right now I'm having a hard time deciding on the exterior light fixtures. We need 5 total. One for the front porch and 4 along the back wrapped porch. Originally I wanted to use this first one, Kichler's Nautical sconce. The problem is using the right bulb. We haven't found a large round compact fluorescent bulb that works with this one. Luckily there are more options then the spiral CFBs but not one that looks perfect in this light, since you do look at the bare bulb...which I'm just not sure about anyway. I would rather have frosted glass around the bulb, like these others. There is also the issue of color. Originally we wanted a brushed chrome look, but now I'm second guessing that and liking the oiled bronze with the colors we have chosen for the house.