Monday, December 21, 2009

The Karina - busy weeks

Here is Alec prepping the side door for sanding then paint. Neil slapped up some paint on the temporary front door, so we could see what the red would look like. The red goes with the red trim in the gable. If you paint the exterior door red, to me, you have to paint the inside's one unit, one mass. It would be odd to have it half and half...but it is bold. I actually like it and the thing about can always paint it another color. We talked about oiling it, since it is fir, but nothing else has been left natural on the exterior and well...the red works.

There is a lot going on at the house these days. Cabinets are in process and Neil started putting in the toilets over the weekend as well. The electrician starts today installing all the outlets, switches and what light fixtures we have. I have a few more to buy, which I'm planning to do this afternoon.

Last week I went and bought some straw to put down around the house. During the cold front we had, Neil had dug up the yard to install the downspout drains. What was once frozen, is now a muddy mess...walking on the straw helps to not sink into the mud.
We originally were going to take the rain water to the street, but decided on digging dry wells instead. There are 2 4'x4'x4' rock filled wells in the front yard for storm water. The site naturally drains towards the front we just have to bring in some top soil and start landscaping.