Thursday, December 17, 2009

one of those not so good days

EN'Bibury 07'0911 - 055.jpg
cotswold house in Bibury, England

Some days are more challenging than others to keep "it" together. Yesterday was one of those days. The cabinets arrived and for the most part are great cabinets-very well constructed...except the doors are pink. The light stain we asked for on the maple to help keep it looking like fresh maple (maple will darken over time...especially if exposed to sun) seemed to have a pink tint to it. Not at all what we were expecting. But we are working with the cabinet maker and I'm sure it will all work out and be's just hard to explain that to my stomach. Luckily the doors and drawers can be removed and the boxes can be installed...this is critical, because we need the cabinets in place before we can order the countertops which take 2 weeks to be fabricated once they measure. Everything now is dependent on something else being finished ahead of it...lots of coordination being done.