Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Karina - counters

The real back door is up now. Some of the cabinet replacement pieces arrived so we were able to put the fridge in place and all the end panels to the cabinets...which was important because the countertops were measured yesterday. They will be installed next Friday and then we can put the last plumbing fixtures in and call for the FINAL INSPECTION!

We are going with Chroma countertops which is 90-93% quartz with 7-10% polyester resins and pigments. It's easy to clean, heat and scratch resistant and requires little maintenance...they just recommend re-applying the sealer now and then. We had narrowed it down to 2 colors for the kitchen.

I was leaning towards the brown and Neil was leaning towards the grey. Downstairs we are using more in the bathroom and the pavers at the living room stove. So we went with Coastal Grey. Upstairs we went with Crystal White with larger stone pieces.

It was fun to go down to Pental and out to their slab warehouse. It really helps to see them large.