Thursday, October 1, 2009

bathroom inspiration - more sinks & tile

I was going through my photo library last night and didn't realize how many bathrooms I had photographed that use a vessel sink. I'm leaning towards a semi-recessed vessel for the upper bath. Something like this:
WA'SEA hsg 07'1209 - 11
but I do love these:
WA'SEA'hse'AIA-0405 - 05

WA'AIA hse 07'0715 - 53
and this one is similar to what I want to use for the downstairs bathroom, but as a pedestal. The mix of materials and colors in this bathroom is what we are going for. simple - clean - modern - classic
M&D trip 05'05 - 035
I like the striped tile floor here:
WA'AIA hse 07'0715 - 18
This one is a bit more traditional but I really like mix of circle sizes and the accent color.
WA'SEA hsg 07'0615 - 01