Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Karina - main bathroom

Karina Main bathroom
This is our main bathroom on the second floor with the shower to the right and tub deck to the left. The red is the waterproofing the tile guy put on. I have been back and forth to the tile stores many days deciding on the floor tile that will run up the tub deck to the just above the window sill (as shown on the left). It will then change to a white - possibly - marble.
Tile 09'1002 - 1
The large tile in the background is the tile we are going with. It is a through body porcelain which means that the color on top runs through the entire tile. It runs about $6.80 sqft - retail - that is for the 18x18. Other porcelains are usually glazed on the top with a pattern or darker color. We did find a great tile like that for around $2.50 sqft, but we didn't like the edge detail. The tile guy will be finishing the edge himself on the tub deck and there just was too much contrast between the top coat and the body. See below:
floor tile 09'1013 - 5