Tuesday, October 27, 2009

mt. baker neighborhood - cottage

Here is another home I drive by every day that i just love. It's on a corner site facing East and because of how the road is at this location, it has a long view looking Northeast.
Mt.Baker 09'1017 - 018
The house just nestles in the surrounding garden and the paint colors are just perfect. Neil and I both love grey houses...even in "grey" Seattle. It needs to be a warm grey, though, like this one.
Mt.Baker 09'1017 - 028
Mt.Baker 09'1017 - 029
Mt.Baker 09'1017 - 034
Mt.Baker 09'1017 - 032
One of the reasons I may be drawn to this so much, is that it reminds me of our Betty series of house plans that we sell at my office. This is one that was built at Wyers End in White Salmon, WA.
WE 08'1011kd - 644