Monday, October 19, 2009

mt. baker neighborhood - flower boxes

I went for a walk in my neighborhood the other evening. Only 3 blocks north of us, the house prices quickly triple and quadruple. Everything was just popping with fall colors. When I returned home and was reviewing my photos, it was interesting to see some patterns. Many of the houses I photographed had flower boxes on the houses below the windows. Not all of them were filled, but they all gave some depth to the elevation with their shadows.
Mt.Baker 09'1017 - 079
Mt. Baker Hse detail
Mt.Baker 09'1017 - 121
Mt.Baker 09'1017 - 119
Mt.Baker 09'1017 - 034
At Ross Chapin Architects, our standard front porch rail incorporates flower boxes. They add a nice accent to the house and tend to be easier to maintain. We will be using this detail on the Karina as well and I can't wait to fill it with bright red flowers.
CC 05'04 - 12