Tuesday, October 6, 2009

bathroom inspiration - tubs & showers

In our main upstairs bathroom, we will have a similar tub/shower layout as this:
BltGrnhse 09'0221 - 31
In the smaller upstairs bathroom, we are doing something similar with building the bench. It's a simple way to add more room in a shower, and save money by using a standard size shower pan.
BltGrnHsng 09'0221 - 03
This is a bathroom by my firm Ross Chapin Architects...love the light filled bathing area.
Mntgmry 08'0814 - 061
Now this is a soaking tub...
WA'AIA hse 07'0715 - 23

EggFarkArch'hse'09'0914 - 069
We have been seeing these in more homes:
BltGrnhse 09'0221 - 34